This week BOXT sent out an email to installers announcing they’re now working with Vaillant boilers. In addition, they boasted that they’re offering installations to Vaillant engineers.

BOXT are delighted to announce we are now working with Vaillant boilers!
The BOXT network of accredited installers is now expanding to include Vaillant engineers.
Email from BOXT to installers

The tone of the email reads as though this is an official partnership. The message explicitly says “working with Vaillant boilers”. Naturally the announcement caused quite a stir with Vaillant installers who took to social media to air their grievances. Read more

Being a marketing company to tradesmen, we keep a keen eye on what our clients competitors are up to. Once a week, typically on a Friday, I take a look at what each company is up to.

As Hometree were a topic of conversation during a meeting with a new client earlier this week, I figured I’d check them out.

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