The most common question with 3rd party leads is; should I buy them?

In a nutshell; yes and no.

There are a number of factors that determine whether 3rd party leads will work for your home heating business. Unfortunately the best way to determine, is to test.

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Being a marketing company to tradesmen, we keep a keen eye on what our clients competitors are up to. Once a week, typically on a Friday, I take a look at what each company is up to.

As Hometree were a topic of conversation during a meeting with a new client earlier this week, I figured I’d check them out.

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BOXT Director Melvin Butler

Who and what are BOXT?

BOXT is a boiler installation company founded by ex Help-Link director Melvin Butler. Their model enables customers to buy a boiler online, without the fuss of having a surveyor or salesman visit their home.

In September 2017, Robert Bosch UK Holdings Limited acquired an undisclosed number of shares in BOXT Limited.
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